Welcome to my blog, ‘The Chicest Stoner’!

NOTE: I know that lots of people really don’t like the usage of the word ‘chicest’, but I quite like it.  And it’s a proper word (superlative of ‘chic’). I checked the dictionary and it’s there so…Don’t judge me. 🙂

The word ‘stoner’ conjures up all kinds of (mostly unfair) images – hippie, carefree, laid back, scruffy, even lazy – and none of these describe one’s character or style as being remotely chic.  Well I, for one, am proud of my ‘stoner’ status.  The MJ helps both me and my husband with various ailments (I’ll get to that another time), and of course we enjoy the recreational and social aspects as well as the medicinal benefits.  Neither of us are lazy or scruffy.  On the contrary; personal appearance and style matter a great deal to us.  So despite some non-stoner’s antiquated and innaccurate views, I am here to set the record straight.  We can be chic too. ♥